Enterprise Grade Features

Why Dokopol?

Dokopol provides a range of features such as guaranteed resources, quick provisioning, full root access, and an intuitive dashboard to offer a superior server management experience.

Our Works

What we do?

For developers

Our team are made of developers, so we know your needs. You can just focus on your development without thinking of complex UIs or billing schemes. In addition, our support team can understand your technical approaches and needs as well.

For individuals

Do you just need to run your own website and self-hosted services? Dokopol is affordable for everyone, so you can enjoy enterprise-grade service with budget friendly prices. Just write your blog, we are handling beyond.

For businesses

Got tired of surprise invoices? Spending so much time for just to configure a virtual server? Do you need custom resources with management? We are here to satisfy your needs with our transparent pricing and highly-skilled support team.

For non-profits

As Dokopol, we are proudly supporting free/libre software projects and organizations. Besides, our team has experience on running non-profit organizations. Just contact us and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Turn your ideas into reality

Simplicity by design

Dokopol provides a simple UI for managing your resources. Do not think about how to use the console, it’s easy peasy!

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No surprise bills

Affordable pricing

Our goal is providing you the best solutions we can at affordable prices. If you afraid of surprise bills, Dokopol is the right solution for you. Our pricing scheme is transparent, but if you need custom schemes, we can help you.

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